Art of The Andes

Art Of The Andes - Pre-Columbian Painted and Sculpted Ceramics
Pre-Columbian Sculptured and Painted Ceramics from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections


“…in one of the worst examples of imperial exploitative savagery, an ‘advanced’ European nation brought down the indigenous ancient civilizations of Peru and Mexico…-the thoughtless greed with which they melted down objects of the greatest beauty, a heritage of all mankind, into gold bullion-and the brutality with which, in the name of faith, they destroyed the culture of other peoples seven to eight thousand miles from their own country.”

Introduction by
Paul Clifford

Essays by
Elizabeth P. Benson
Maureen E. Maitland
Michael E. Moseley
Donald A. Proulx
Alan R. Sawyer

Edited by

Lois Katz
Curator, Arthur M. Sackler Collections

Published by The AMS Foundation for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities
& The Arthur M. Sackler Foundation


344 pages
size: 11×14 inches
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