Arthur M. Sackler: Biography & Family History

Arthur M. Sackler: Biography & Family History

Arthur M. Sackler: Biography and Family History by Miguel Angel Benavides Lopez, is available on  Based on Arthur’s own writings and original documents, it exposes betrayals by family, friends and institutions and demonstrates that he has been cruelly misrepresented for decades.  Readers will discover “The Sackler Family” is not and never was a monolith.

Arthur was a humanitarian whose life was devoted to advancing healthcare, education and culture.  He was diligent, serious, scholarly and ethical.  Media coverage connecting him with the origin of the OxyContin scandal is deliberate disinformation.  Condemnation has focused on him, not the OxySacklers who developed and marketed OxyContin.  Arthur had no involvement with OxyContin or Purdue Pharma and he and his branch of the family did not profit from opioids in any way.  His younger brothers Mortimer and Raymond founded Purdue Pharma in 1991 and it is owned by their heirs. OxyContin was first marketed in 1996.  Arthur died nearly 10 years prior, in 1987. Read the complete Disinformation Campaign article

Jillian Sackler


This book is written by a former employee and admirer of Arthur Sackler who considered him a humanitarian and a citizen of the world.

In order to write from Sackler’s point of view, as was his objective, much of the book quotes him directly, from his publications, newsletters, speeches and letters.

Sackler had a love of medicine and a passion for the arts. He had a particular interest in mental health and in the arts extensive knowledge which led to his own collections and important support for art institutions, both here and abroad.

He also was a generous philanthropist

First published twenty five years after Sackler’s death in 1987, it is worth noting nine years before the production of oxy contin.

This is not an impartial biography, but an extensive one starting with Sackler’s birth and going through his dealings with his brothers and museum directors, not all of which ran smoothly.

The book includes tributes from leaders in all disciplines — the arts, medicine, academia and religion.

Some considered him a Renaissance man. AMAZON

“Miguel Benavides does a great job capturing Dr. Arthur Sackler and using Arthur Sackler’s own words to tell the story. As someone who worked for Dr. Sackler’s newspapers and followed his life over many, many years, this book tells the story of the person I knew – generous, brilliant, honest, hard-working, and creative. What a tragedy it is that his brothers Mortimer and Raymond have ruined the great family name that he built—the family history should have been a fairy tale, but seems to have turned into a nightmare. It’s disturbing for someone in the know to have witnessed how the press doesn’t report anything about his great life and accomplishments, but rather focuses on trying to connect him to the opioid crisis which he had absolutely nothing to do with. And if you buy into the narrative the press tries to create, you should read the Washington Post op/ed by his widow Jill Sackler. It’s such a relief to be able to read this book and learn the true story of his life through the historical documents that the author used as the reference material. There is nothing like source documents. The most painful part of the book was to read in his own chilling words about the betrayal of Arthur by his brothers Mortimer and Raymond. Of course what Arthur knew about was nothing compared to what happened to his legacy afterwards because of what his brothers did after he died. This book is a must read by anyone who wants to know the true history of the valiant and remarkable life of Arthur Sackler.” AMAZON


Title: ‎ Arthur M. Sackler: Biography & Family History

Author: ‎ Miguel Angel Benavides Lopez

Publisher: ‎ Insight Press LLC (December 24, 2021)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover: ‎ 284 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1735778402

Weight: ‎ 1.79 pounds

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